Monday, May 25, 2009


I fell off the intertubes for a 'little' while. It is another dreadfully long story, punctuated with plenty of stupidity, poor-planning and electrical shocks.

While I was gone though, I did a bit of sewing. And cut my hair. Annd.. bought a house. Finally! Going to Katoomba. The rental market is quite sluggish up there, and with mortgage repayments being similar to my Sydney rent.. well, why not?!


I'm currently packing, cleaning, sorting and clearing for a rental inspection (nice of the agent to decide it's now a good time to inspect..), so the next stocking has been pushed back again. Natch. But the GREAT news is that it's going to be a big one.

I've also had word that there was a very direct copy of my nappies being tested and sold out there on the intertubes. I'm quite flattered :D But as always, I'd suggest that wanna-be wahms put in the hard work themselves, and draft up their own patterns (nope! altering a pre-existing pattern and calling it yours doesn't mean it IS yours.. it just means you're riding along on someone elses' copyrighted work. That's considered stealing). Designing and drafting your own pattern is a total cinch. Have a look at community college for some courses, or buy a good book such as Pattern Drafting for Fashion Design- by Helen Joseph Armstrong.